Welcome to the Wynds at Oakbrook website!  Commonly referred to as “The Wynds”, this development sits on 63 beautiful acres of rolling hills and woods in Boone County, Kentucky.
The community includes 101 buildings with 558 individual living units ranging in size from just over 1000 square feet to approximately 2500 square feet.  Most units feature one or two car garages.
Amenities include two swimming pools, a tennis court, basketball hoops court and a clubhouse with exercise room.  Our clubhouse is available for residents to rent for private parties and gatherings.  Residents may also rent off site space within an open storage area for boats, campers, trailers, etc.
Landscaping Tip - Hostas
If there are Hostas starting to spring up in your landscaping scheme, this is the perfect time to put down an application of snail and slug deterrent………..any brand will do……most are granular.  Just spread liberally around the plant and in between any sprouting leaves.  This will help to protect your plants from browning at the edges and help eliminate the grown leaves from big holes produced by the insects. Snail and slug repellent is  available in the garden department of Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware.  -Beth Stepner
Landscaping Updates – March 2017
Weather permitting, Creative Image will begin mulching around units and common areas beginning Thursday, March 23rd.   Tru Green plans to put down herbicide, pre-emergent and light fertilizer on the grass throughout our community on Friday, March 24th. 
Removal requests:  For shrub and bush removal requests at the unit fronts , please use the Landscape Service Request form on the Wynds HOA website.  All requests will be evaluated and responded to by the Landscape Committee.  Requests must be submitted by May 1, 2017.
Please Note:  The Association does not take care of any landscaping in the backs of the units unless there is a maintenance project involving more than one unit - ex. drainage.  You may, however, contact our landscape company or another company of your choice and contract with them for your job.    The Association will comply with the removal or rejuvenation of older bushes at front of the unit.  The Landscape Committee will make the decision whether to remove or rejuvenate (hard prune/cut).  In the case of removal, the unit owner is responsible for the cost of any replanting.  The suggested plant list is
available on the Website.  The Landscape Service Request  incorporates an area to identify any new additions.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Annual Deck Repair Work
if you feel that your Deck may need to be repaired, power washed or sealed, please let us know by May 1st using the Wynds website Service Request for Rentz Management.  We will have someone look at your deck and determine if work is needed.   This year we will be putting the deck work out to bid to seek contractors who will provide the best service to our specifications at a competitive price.  Decks requiring attention will be prioritized based on need.   We plan to do as many improvements as our annual Deck Repairs budget will allow.
As a side note, we would like you to please use this website and the Service Request for Rentz Management for ALL of your service issues that would require contacting Rentz Management.    
Wynds Quality control committee
Bob Perrone
Linda Gray
Brenda Weimer
2017 Renaissance
During the past couple of years, numerous concerns have been voiced by HOA members regarding the aging and deteriorating appearance of the entire community.  The Board of Directors, while recognizing that portions of the community are approaching 30 years of age, have developed a plan to revitalize the appearance of the community over the next several years.  Included in this plan are the cleaning/painting of all siding and trim, improved drainage, concrete replacement and street resurfacing.  We are now in the fourth year of this project. 2017’s phase of the Renaissance will be on Sweetwater Drive and Cascade Drive in The Cliffs. The painters will post notice at the units prior to the painting beginning. If you have anything on your deck or patio that obstructs the painters’ ability to paint areas of the building you will be asked to move it. We are hoping to begin this year’s painting in early spring and have it completed by mid-summer.   -Klint Yearout / Rentz Management
Tree Removal
I realize the pain expressed from several residents in response to the removal of trees on Cliffview Drive but we are updating our landscaping on Sweetwater and Cascade.  The trees were either diseased or splitting and several had cracked and rotting crowns. But I do understand, it is still painful to see as it is with the landscape committee.  The committee followed the lead from 2 arborists and removal was their recommendation.  Due to their fragile conditions, they presented a hazard, and could fall, A similar situation is occurring at the end of Oakbrook Drive, close to Pleasant Valley… On a positive note, we are planting 8 trees, enhancing  the mulch beds by the mail and utility boxes, and the Cliffs pool …. So lets be patient and wait until the project is finished by the 1st of April and we can see what the finished product will be.  Thanks.   -Wayne
Introducing The New Wynds Website!
The Wynds at Oakbrook website offers information for everyone about our community, how to contact us, as well as information for Realtors and perspective homeowners alike.  Additional information pertinent to residents including our legal documents, forms for contacting our property management company, minutes of the Community Meetings and so much more.  The site is packed with information including answers to frequently asked questions and projections of future expenditures.
Residents may gain full access to the site by clicking on the link in the upper right-hand corner to register!  (Please note that your Wynds Website ID will be your Email address.)

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