Welcome to the Wynds at Oakbrook website!  Commonly referred to as “The Wynds”, this development sits on 63 beautiful acres of rolling hills and woods in Boone County, Kentucky.
The community includes 101 buildings with 558 individual living units ranging in size from just over 1000 square feet to approximately 2500 square feet.  Most units feature one or two car garages.
Amenities include two swimming pools, a tennis court, basketball hoops court and a clubhouse with exercise room.  Our clubhouse is available for residents to rent for private parties and gatherings.  Residents may also rent off site space within an open storage area for boats, campers, trailers, etc.
Summer News Update!
Summer is almost upon us. That means the pool openings, outdoor activities and lots of fun!  Your Board would like to share a few important updates in advance of this pleasurable time.  
First and foremost, the pools will open on Friday,  May 27, 2022, Memorial Day Weekend. Let's make sure that as we enjoy our pools that we continue to thank all our veterans for their services and remember those who have passed.
As we enter the summer season we need to be considerate and respectful to ALL our residents. We are a community of rules and regulations, we ALL have read and agreed to them or we wouldn't have chosen the Wynds as our home. With this in mind  a new rule has been implemented regarding outdoor music at the pools.  Please note the new rule below that will be posted at each pool.
External speakers are prohibited at the Wynds pools.   Battery powered radios and streaming program / music players are permitted, only if earphones are used. 
Prior to Covid your Board purchased new pool furniture and umbrellas, and finally we will be able to put them out and enjoy. We will also not be restricted to Covid occupancy restrictions, however, we will still need to obey the original maximum occupancy posted at our pools.  Pool hours are 9 am till 10pm. Your cooperation is appreciated. 
A few updates from around the community:
  • Wynds Garage Sale - June 10 - 11th 
  • Wynds Community Dumpster, June 17, 18 and 19.  The HOA will place a 30 yard dumpster up by the clubhouse.  Residents (only) are encouraged to use this dumpster to dispose of larger items that are not easily taken by the trash company, possibly things left over from the yard sale that can not be donated to the Goodwill, etc.... Please keep in mind that NO hazardous materials such as gasoline, paint, chemicals, or electronics me be deposited here.  Dumping those items will cost the community and restrict the dumpster from being disposed of. 
  • Prunning, First part of June 
  • Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Pig/etc. Waste:   You know the drill, if you own a pet, and it poops in our common grounds or your neighbors yard, please just pick it up.  Thanks to the residents have provided snapshots to identify offenders.  We don't want to send out the Dawg patrol. 
  • Storage Lot. Just after the July 4th holiday we will change the lock at the storage lot.  If you have something in there stored, you will need to reach out to Klint at Rentz Management, get a key and an aluminum anodized number that needs to be placed on the front right side of your machine, be it a boat, trailer, whatever, for easy identification.
  • Deck repairs are continuing throughout the community. 
  • Remember not to overhang your vehicle - over the curb or lawn, that will impede the landscape company from cutting the grass properly throughout our community. 
  • Please plant flowers and beautify our community even more!   it is a gorgeous place and can only become better with your help and support. 
  • Community Meeting June 16th - 7pm, at the Club House, all are welcome.
Lastly, we posted signs throughout the community that said "Refer to the website for an important message". Please let us know if that is the reason you came to the website. We are trying to communicate better and the website is your main source for timely information. 
Thank you for your time, and continued support.   Your Board hopes you have a great summer!
Landscape Pruning
We have two shrub prunings scheduled this year.  The first will be around June 1st and the 2nd will be the 1st week of August.   If residents do not want their shrubs pruned, they will need to use the following process.   All materials will be located at both pools.
From Creative Image, our Landscape Service:   Flag & Ribbon System: 
For each pruning, advanced notice will be giving to the resident that Creative Image will soon be pruning landscape material around their community. Creative Image will then set out RED ribbon and flags at a designated area chosen by the HOA. Once the pruning begins our crews will be watching for these markers in the landscape and will follow the following rules.
  • RED FLAG – A red flag installed in the front yard landscape bed will indicate that the homeowner does NOT want anything pruned around their home.
    • Creative Image asks that the flag be installed near the physical street address and be as visible as possible. If a flag is installed then no ribbon is needed because CI will NOT prune anything at that address.
  • RED RIBBON – A red ribbon tied to a specific shrub around the resident's home will indicate that they do NOT want that specific material pruned. 
    • Creative Image asks that the ribbon be visibly placed on the shrub. If ribbon is installed, then no flag will be needed. If a flag is installed then none of the material around the home will be pruned, ribbon or otherwise.
Creative Image will use the proper horticultural pruning practices for that time of year. No material that will soon be blooming or that could be harmed by pruning the wrong time of year will be touched. The same ribbon and flags will be used each year in case the homeowner would like to save or buy their own markers.  We only ask that they be RED and visible.   
Landscape Shrub Removal
Every spring and fall we offer to the homeowners the removal of overgrown/dead or dying shrubs that are in the front or sides of the units. The HOA will consume the cost for these removals. 
  • For SPRING removals - please submit your request by May 15th
  • For FALL removals - please submit your request by October 15th.
Residents that are interested in this service, please complete a Landscape Improvement Request form and someone from the landscape committee will notify you whether it’s accepted or not.  If you plan to replace these shrubs at the homeowner’s expense, you may also include that information on your Landscape Request form.
     Wayne Stevens-Landscape Chair
     Brenda Weimer
Wynds Yard Sale
Our annual Wynds Yard Sale will be Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th this year!   Please spread the word.
Welcome To The Wynds Website!
The Wynds at Oakbrook website offers information for everyone about our community, how to contact us, as well as information for Realtors and perspective homeowners alike.  Additional information pertinent to residents including our legal documents, forms for contacting our property management company, minutes of the Community Meetings and so much more.  The site is packed with information including answers to frequently asked questions and projections of future expenditures.
Residents may gain full access to the site by clicking on the link in the upper right-hand corner to register!  (Please note that your Wynds Website ID will be your Email address.)

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Wynds Yard Sale
Friday, June 10th to Saturday, June 11th
Wynds Community Meeting
Thursday, June 16th, 7:00pm at Wynds Clubhouse
Wynds Community Meeting
Thursday, August 18th, 7:00pm at Wynds Clubhouse
Wynds Community Meeting
Thursday, October 20th, 7:00pm at Wynds Clubhouse


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