Board of Directors and Committees
Eligible members of the Wynds Homeowners Association (with current accounts) elect three members of the Board each February to replace the three members whose terms are expiring.  Please keep in mind that the board and committee members are all unpaid volunteers.  We'll do our best to address your requests and questions, but we may refer you to our management company for issue resolution.
You may click on the names listed below to contact the individuals directly via Email (if your web browser and email client supports it).
Donald Hayes President 2/2025
Calum MacDonald Vice President 2/2025
Sharon McGee Vice President and Secretary 2/2025
Brenda Weimer Treasurer 2/2025
Melinda McGriffin
Amanda Lykins   2/2026
Wayne Stevens   2/2025
Scott Sullivan   2/2026
C O M M I T T E E S     
Architectural Control
     Don Hayes 
     Judy Forbes
Clubhouse Coordinator
     Brenda Weimer   (Chair Person)
           Reserve the Clubhouse
     Judy Forbes
     Sharon McGee  (Chair Person)
     Scott Sullivan  /  Website Administration
Finance and Budget
     Don Hayes  (Chair Person)
     Judy Forbes
     Wayne Stevens  (Chair Person)
     Judy Forbes
     Calum MacDonald  (Chair Person)
Quality Control
     All Board Members  
Rules and Regulations
     Brenda Weimer  (Chair Person)
     All Board Members