Realtor Resources
We would like to welcome all Realtors to the Wynds and we have assembled information to help you better understand the Wynds Community and our Homeowners Association.
All Wynds units are Landominiums.
  • The Wynds is a PUD / Planned Urban Development  (See Articles of Incorporation)
  • The unit owner actually owns the building, foundation, and any other structures built on their respective lot based on the plats for the Wynds at Oakbrook which defines specific lot boundaries and the Common Areas
  • The Association has been delegated maintenance responsibilities for portions of the lots and all Common Area.
  • Generally speaking, the Association maintains the exterior of the building and the unit owner maintains the interior of the building
  • Chart of Ownership and Coverage   This document describes specifically what the Owner and Association are each responsible for within the Wynds Homeowners Association.
HOA Fees:  $225.00 per month for each unit (through 2020).
Real Estate Signs
  • For Sale” signs may be a maximum of five (5) square feet and must be green in background with white lettering.   They may be placed directly in front of units that are offered for sale. 
  • "Open House" signs may not be displayed sooner that two days before the Open House and must be removed promptly following the event or we will remove and dispose of them.
  • "Sold" signs may be displayed for a maximum of 7 days.
  • No signs may be placed in the landscaping at our street entrances.
HOA Governing Documents
The Wynds Homeowners Association Governing Documents are available at the links below:
Contact Us - For More Information?
Please contact our Property Manager, Rentz Management, using the link above if you would like additional information.